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Our orthopedic unit is equipped with a modern X-ray system in full accordance with legal regulations to keep radiation exposure to the patient as low as possible. Special filters are used in the study of children for maximum optical information, ensuring a reduction of scattered radiation.

In your best interest, in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of studies we will ask you to inform us about any pre-existing x-ray examinations. Please let us know about any circumstances, especially if there is a pregnancy known or assumed.

Is excessive exposure to radiation possible?

Sometimes for medical reasons it is necessary to make radiographs of the skeletal system in our practice, due to our modern equipment you need not fear any overdose of radiation. A radiograph that has been made in a modern radiology department like ours carries about the same radiation that you are exposed to on a hike in the mountains, during skiing or on a flight to Tenerife.

In every individual case, we decide whether the implementation of X-rays is required at all. If a recording is required, the medical benefit is always incomparably higher than the low level of physical exposure to radiation.

Our Point of View

In general, there are still far too many unnecessary X-rays produced. Particularly CT scans, implying a significantly higher radiation exposure on the body than native radiographs are much too often performed without further therapeutic consequences. Especially pain therapy injections under CT guidance should be seen critically because of the high radiation exposure. In the opinion of experienced orthopedic surgeons and pain specialists, a trained orthopedic surgeon with precise anatomical knowledge reaches the same goal without CT guidance.

The conscientious physical examination by the general practitioner and the specialist is more important and helpful than any X-ray or a CT scan and should stand at the beginning of each investigation.

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