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Thorough Investigation

What do we mean by orthopedics?

The term comes from the Greek and is composed of the words orthos (= even) and paios (= child). In the beginning, this has been the science of "straight education" of children with malformation. 

Orthopedic doctors nowadays cover the detection, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of congenital and acquired changes in form and functional disorders, diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal organs. The orthopaedic science is therefore responsible for everything that has to do with our walk upright: The bone skeleton with the central axis of the spine and the extremities (arms and legs) including all the large and small joints, as well as the joint capsules, tendons, ligaments and muscles. One can clearly say that an orthopedic doctor is the family doctor for the entire musculoskeletal system.

Possible Complaints

The locomotor organs, being the largest organ of the human body are affected from various changes in form and also from functional disorders, diseases and injuries. The most important role in our everyday work play stress injuries and wear processes, which in many cases are environmentally and / or civilization due. The prevention of such changes is therefore of great importance. Complaints to be treated are mainly characterized by muscle and joint pain, back pain with or without radiation as in an arm, a leg, in the chest (with dyspnea or chest pain) or in the abdomen.

Also headaches and even migraine may come from spinal disorders or be influenced by them. We also treat hand or foot disorders, leg cramps, all so-called "rheumatism" diseases and more.

Goals of our treatment

The locomotor organs shape the human form. Their function determine the performance of men and women in everyday life. Form and function thus form an inseparable unit. The human being in its unseparable unit is therefore at the center in all considerations of our orthopedic therapy. 

The effort to restore form and function is always the main goal in treating the whole person and to keep his or her performance strong at work and play. Even with permanently reduced performance all efforts are taken to integrate the patient back into society by using instruments of rehabilitation. 

Comprehensive Orthopaedics

The possible causes of orthopedic disorders do vary and often remain, especially in chronic cases, initially hidden. A holistic view of the patient is therefore necessary to obtain important information about the underlying problems. These include static misalignment, blockage, allergic reactions, food sensitivities, and digestive disturbances in the masticatory apparatus, including interference by surgery, emotional stress reactions and much more.

The systematic diagnostic plan used in our practice goes to the root of these disorders in order to develop a specifically tailored plan for the patient's treatment.


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