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Dynamic Foot Analysis

Who has no...

...problems with his feet?

Often the insoles made by the technicians are uncomfortable, press and cause even more pain than before. This problem is often caused by an inaccurate impression of the feet, which is taken statically and thus does not represent the function of the foot in walking and running.

High-tech Diagnostics For Foot Care

To avoid these inconveniences, we, in collaboration with the medical supply store Höfges & Koch, offer the chance to create a dynamic impression profile of your feet. A computer-based representation of the pressure distribution and the load curves during walking and running provide important information on the regulation and production of an optimal insoles for the physicians and the prosthetist. The Medilogic foot pressure measurement system is a real step forward for the foot health of our patients.

Especially for runners knee, hip and achile tendon disorders can be avoides through optimal insoles.

With its innovative capabilities, this computerized foot pressure measurement system supports us in the optimal management of the patient's foot. The possibility of a rapid, accurate measurement and color, graphical representation of the exposure under the foot ideally meets the diagnostic requirements of modern work, accident and sports medicine.


Important Note:

Please always bring a pair of comfortable everyday shoes for this investigation, also bring your running or sports shoe, if you have.



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This dynamic foot analysis is happening on every first tuesday of the month, please make an appointment.