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3D Spine Measurement

In the Villa Nonnenbusch, besides conventional X-ray technique we offer a radiation-free and highly accurate diagnostic system for the study of the spine: The 3D analysis system (formetric 3D/4D) enables a non-contact and large-area optical measurement of the back and spine.

Numerous clinical questions concerning the objective and quantitative analysis of body posture, scoliosis and all further forms of spinal disorders can be displayed and then tested under different conditions.



The result is an overall three-dimensional model showing spinal shape and rotation of the spine, as well as the correct positioning of the pelvis.

This examination offers a wide range of applications for children, youth and adults. Through 3D spine measurement additional x-ray examinations can be avoided in many cases.

Also possible interactions between deformities of the jaw joints or disruption of the visual process (phoria) and unspecific back pain can now be detected by  this analysis method.


Typical Clinical Indications

-Scoliosis and scoliotic postural disorders
-Pelvic tilt / twist, static deficits
-Posture-related pain symptoms
-Blockages (Iliosacral joint, thoracic and lumbar spine, temporomandibular joint)
-CMD (cranio-mandibular dysfunction)
-Leg deformities, eg after endoprosthesis
-Foot and leg deformities
-Conventional and sensorimotor therapy with insoles


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