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Chirotherapy is one of the classic and most frequently performed treatment procedures in an orthopedic practice.

Chirotherapeutical treatment may be applied to reversible disorders of both joints and spine. Only doctors with special training in Chirotherapy and who have passed the necessary tests are allowed to hold the title "Chirotherapy" .



How is chirotherapy performed?

Fotolia24791361XSIn chirotherapy certain manual techniques are used to reestablish the scope of joints again. After adjacent joints are fixed and after a sample extraction is carried out, a short movement is performed, which exerts a selective impulse on the dysfunctional structure. Often a characteristic "cracking" can be heard (as a sign of relaxation of the joint capsule). After this impulse a sudden pain relief is quite common. To relax tense muscle groups, certain soft tissue techniques, using pressure and relaxation are also frequently used.


What is the difference between chirotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy?

In comparison to other physical treatment schools like chiropractic and osteopathy that teach similar impulse techniques, chirotherapy stands out for its medical school orientation. 

Free paramedical practitioners (in Germany "Heilpraktiker") usually refer to themselves as a chiropractor, a much more common, but unfortunately not protected name in Germany. Sometimes behind the title chiropractic you can find a fantastic therapist with profound knoewledge  - or someone with very poor knowledge of what he does.

Does this treatment have side effects?

In general, after a thorough investigation and with a correct indication the treatment is without side effects. Chirotherapy, however, should never be done after an accident or in an acute inflammation.


Don't let yourself be treated by a therapist who has no special training in chirotherapy!

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