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Medical Therapy

Here we present an overview of our wide range of medical therapies. But remember, the following examples of medical treatment never stand alone, as in our practice they are very often supplemented by intensive physiotherapy and special instructions for home exercises according to your symptoms.


For the Athlete

Our medical options for athletes start with a general, thorough orthopedic examination and treatment, continued by intensive sports medicine care both in recreational and competitive athletes, the application of dressings, orthotics, tapes and Kinesiotapes and most recently the application of ACP (autologous conditioned plasma) for muscle injuries and tendon irritation.



In Degenerative Joint Disease

Possible injections for osteoarthritis treatment are using cartilage-promoting substances, biomodulators or ACP, followed by application of orthotics or Kinesiotapes. Another important component in the treatment of osteoarthritis pain is acupuncture.




In Pain Patients

For pain patients (eg herniated discs, chronic pain disease, etc.), the range of treatment options is also very widespread: we do not only perform special injection procedures on the spine, neural therapy and mesotherapy, but also include special infusion treatments and acupuncture which both can be very helpful. The most important in the treatment of pain patients, however, is not only the treatment of the body, but also the care of the soul. Sometimes a kind word at the right time is more effective than any syringe - we know that and always keep it in mind in all our actions!


As mentioned above: These medical measures should be complemented by an intense physiotherapy .

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